About us

Established in 2018 we have been open now for 2 years. We are located in the South East of England in a small seaside town called Dover. We strive on providing people with affordable fashion, cheaper prices and bigger sizes we are very different to your average clothing brand.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best quality products, the best customer service there is to offer and the highest level of satisfaction! The customers opinion is always regarded as one of the most important things hear at Diamond Products HQ.

2018 was the birth of Diamond Products Ltd but it wasn't until 2019 that we become the brand you are quickly seeing around your towns and social media platforms. Created by myself Jordan Graham in my brothers bedroom with the help of my brother and a designing app this far fetched idea of mine soon become a quick reality! From our first sale to working with ambassadors in Europe we are always looking to make this brand better and to achieve things we never thought would ever be possible. Without the great help and feedback from our customers, influencers and models we work with this wouldn't be possible. 


You can find us on social media on the links below, where you can see videos, photos, behind the scenes footage on photoshoots, meetings, events, celeb takeovers and the latest news on everything happening here at Diamond Products: 








Diamond Products Ltd